Fly catchers / Fly Killers

Fly catchers / Fly Killers

Characteristics CROSS FLOW (Tangential) Blower wheels and fans provide wide, uniform air delivery for high-capacity, low profile applications – Cooling, Heating and Ventilation, Air Conditioners, Air Curtains, Chimney, Cross Flow Fans, Tower Fans, Tower Coolers & Etc. Product features: – Light weight yet body is made of ABS plastic – Stylish, compact design & aesthetic in look – No toxins, no poison, no insecticides – No contamination, no fragmentation of insects – 100% safe for humans – No high voltage, no risk of accidental electric shock – Replaceable UVA Tube & glue boards – Hygenic & Quite operation – Ease installation and maintenance

Technical specification


INPUT POWER: this is dependent on tune and no/ of tubes fitted.



Hight 300 mm approx. 11.80”
Width 550 mm approx. 21.60”
Depth: 140 mm approx. 5.50”
Weight: 3.750 gms 10lb
Cw315 3x15watt
Control boards HM-23 2nos, HM-03 1nos
Insect attractant UVA tube BL350
Tube type Actinic BL 15W x 3nos
– Attracts and traps flying insects permanently in replaceable control (glue) boards. – Uses UVA tubes: highly attractive to insects but safe for humans – No high voltage, grid, no “Zap” no risk of accidental electric shock – No fragmentation of insects thus no contamination hazards in food processing, pharms units, hospitals, etc. – Lightweight yet body made of ABS plastic – a permanent asset; no rusting associated with conventional metal models. – Easy to maintain and services; click-on covers and easily replaced control (glue) boards