Cross flow Type Air Curtains

Cross World Wind Wide Flow Air Curtain

Cross World Wind Wide Flow Series Air Curtains stainless cover of the AIR CURTAINS is made of G.I / CRC Powder Coated designed as Arc and ultra-thin, adapt to glass door. The Motor is designed to suit high ambient. The Plastic Cross Flow Fan wheel is ultrasonically welded and dynamically balanced to give aerodynamic airflow.

Fan wheel

The unique birthplace flows the wind wheel air flue design, Uses the high accuracy ABS manufacture: can the high speed transient equilibrium low noice revolution.


Its adopt the technology of electrical machinery its runs smoothly with powerful air-flow it operates reliably. And runs safely for 5000 Consecutive hours.

Comfort system

Maintaining a constant internal environment, a comfortable temperature is ensured whilst the air is kept fresh.


Model Dimension Voltage Frequency Dia of wheel (mm) Input Power (W) Air Velocity (m/s) Noise (db) Net weight (kg) Gross Weight
CF -1509-14 900X230X270 200V  50HZ 154 300 14 62 20 23
CI-1510-14 1000X230X270 220V 50HZ 154 350 14 63 22 25
CI-1512-14 1200X230X270 220V 50HZ 154 450 14 65 24 28
CI1515-14 1500X260X225 220V 50HZ 154 690 14 68 28 33
CI-1518-14 1800X230X270 220V 50HZ 154 800 14 71 34 39