This product is developed by enhancing the characteristics of air curtains. It is installed at the entrance of cooling car to block off hot air. You can expect that the heat loss is improved by 50%.

- Stainless material highly resistant against moisture.

- Can operate at temperature as low as 30 degrees below zero.

- Can block off heats up to max 70%. Minimizes the fuel loss for heating and cooling.

- Blocks off incoming dusts and flies.

- Minimizes temperature changes while opening and closing the door. Prevents deterioration of foods.

- Blocks off the path of movement for toxic materials caused by insects.


Model Size(WxHxD) Power RPM Wind Speed(m/Sec.) Weight(kg)
NA 0907CM-1 750X135X135 DC 12V 2500 17 6.0
NA 0909CM-1 900X135X135 DC 12V 2500 17 6.5
NA 0911CM-1 1100X135X135 DC 12V 2500 17 7.0
NA 0911CM-1 1200X135X135 DC 12V 2500 17 8.3